Outsource Your Design And Drafting Needs with DRAFTOL

At Draftol, we give you the support and flexibility you need to be successful. We understand that drafting needs are unique to each project and company. We help you adapt to your current workload.

Why Work With Us?

Cost-Effective Outsourcing:

Cut down on unnecessary expenses associated with maintaining an internal drafting team. Draftol offers affordable outsourcing solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the job done without breaking the bank.

Quick Turnaround Times:

We value your time and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. With Draftol, you can expect prompt delivery of accurate drafts, keeping your projects on schedule and minimizing downtime.

Reliable Quality:

Consistency is key in mechanical drafting. Our team of experienced drafters is dedicated to delivering reliable results with every project. You can trust us to provide accurate and precise drafts, meeting your standards every time.

Here are a few common scenarios where we can help:

Is Your Current Engineering Team Spread thin?

Do you have an existing internal team of engineers? Are they struggling to keep up with the workload, and meeting deadlines? Or do they prefer to focus on the innovative work? We can handle the busy work of drafting prints, which can free up your engineers to focus the creative design that drives them. We don't need to replace your talented team, we can integrate with them to maximize results.

Does Your Workload Fluctuate?

Is your work seasonal, or experience fluctuations throughout the year? This can make it difficult to meet demand during busy times, or retaining staff during slow times. We offer flexible support so you can meet demands during busy periods, and avoid unnecessary staffing during slow periods.

Can't Justify an Internal Hire?

Are you still growing, or just starting out? If work is inconsistent it can be difficult to justify hiring on a full time employee. This often means finding a qualified candidate, as well as bearing the cost of employment such as insurance, benefits, unemployment, etc. Not to mention the cost to train and manage employees. We offer a hands off, turnkey solution to drafting work, that can scale with you.


CAD Drafting

Transform your concepts into detailed drawings with our CAD drafting services. We utilize the latest software to create accurate designs ready for manufacturing and construction.

3D Modeling

Bring your ideas to life with our 3D modeling expertise. Whether you need realistic renderings or interactive prototypes, Draftol has the practical skills to bring your vision to fruition.

Drafting Support

From concept to completion, our drafting support services are designed to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency at every stage of your project.

Leadership and Team Development

Showcase your leadership and team development services. Explain how you work with clients to cultivate effective leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and enhance employee engagement. Share information about leadership training programs, workshops.



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Meet the Team

Matt Symanietz: Managing Partner

Matt has over 15 years of CAD experience, and has spent over a decade working in various industries as a design engineer and product manager. He has worked at a managerial level, and has also served as a contractor and consultant to numerous companies.

Tanner Oberbroeckling: Managing Partner

Tanner studied Business and Entrepreneurship in college, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree. He has gone on to start and scale numerous businesses, and has experience in fields including marketing, advertising, insurance, and real estate.